Whether EDEXIS is printing and mailing your party documents for an EAMS electronic filing or mailing general documents with or without a proof of service, we pride ourselves on the security and integrity of that mailing.

Our security measures are often the reason that clients choose our services over other vendors. A few important features include:

  • In House Production: All document printing and mail production is done on-site in our secure corporate facilities. No third-party vendors or outsourced production is used. Every document mailing is printed and handled exclusively by EDEX Information System’s employees until physically delivered to our local U.S. Postal Service facility with which we share a long-term, very professional relationship.
  • Barcode Tracking: All mailings we produce include embedded 2-D tracking barcodes which are computer-scanned at various phases of production and assembly. Missing or damaged documents are reprinted, and every document is tracked from production through final delivery to a U.S. Postal Service facility.
  • Certified Automation and Confirmation: We are Certified for Automation and Confirmation via the USPS automated guidelines. That means that every piece of mail we send is processed via the USPS’s automated processing and tracking technology. This is how we are able to track and confirm our mailing services so efficiently.

We are also happy to announce that EDEX Mailing Services are now integrated with Casefriend and Clio case management systems.

To learn more about our mailing services, or to try a free demo account, please contact customer support.





Published by Andrea Macon

Data Specialist