If anything defines the California Workers’ Compensation industry, it is change. Rules, regulations, legislation, EAMS, and a pandemic have all affected California work comp over the years. It is not only difficult to keep track of the changes, but also to keep track of how your data and files are impacted by these changes. Add in employee turnover, internal technology changes, changes in collection companies and hearing reps and you may find that tracking down those elusive work comp files can seem impossible.

While sometimes difficult, it isn’t impossible.

  • Have you lost track of your lien confirmation payment ID’s? Even if you didn’t file your liens through us, we can populate your account with ALL of your previous confirmation ID’s. These ID’s then automatically populate your future DOR filings.
  • Have you hired a collection company in the past and have no idea what they actually filed or didn’t? We can tell you AND usually get you copies of past filings. As a side note, your EDEXIS account allows unlimited users that can file documents simultaneously in EAMS. This will allow you to give multiple collection companies and users access to your account. It also ensures that all of your data is in one cohesive location.
  • As an employer, TPA, or law firm, do you have a current list of all of your work comp cases? If not, we can compile that list for you.

It may seem complicated to have multiple entites utilizing one account. With EDEXIS it is easy:

  • Unlimited users at no extra charge that can all file into EAMS simulteanously.
  • Data identified and presented by unique user login.
  • Reporting that details each users activity and expenses.
  • Unlimited, free training to help you manage your account.

If you need assistance in organizing your work comp filings and data, give us a call. We would be happy to help.




EDEX Information Systems, Inc.

Published by Andrea Macon

Data Specialist