Automated DE-120 and DE-121 Probate Forms

The DE-120 and DE-121 Probate forms have been automated within EDEXIS Mailing Services.

After entering prompted form information from the Universal Templates option, you can add the parties for service and the DE (MA) Proof of Service will be generated with the DE-120 or DE-121. We will then mail your documents and sign the proof of service.

Parties can be added individually or uploaded from a CSV file. If you use Clio or Casefriend, parties can be uploaded directly from these case management systems.

Mailing services include…

  • First Class, Certified, Certified Return Receipt, or Priority.
  • Email Delivery with confirmation of opened email.
  • All mail is trackable to varying degrees – even First Class.
  • Self addressed, stamped envelopes – pre-paid or not.
  • Check inclusion – Coming in late July.
  • Your logo included on all outgoing mail pieces.
  • Archived documents and party service status.
  • Delivery Certification.

You can sign up for a free trial account with no credit card required and no commitment. While our site is very intuitive, we are also happy to give you a guided webinar tour that takes about 10 – 15 minutes once you sign up. Free trial mailings do not include your company logo unless you request that feature first.

Please contact customer support for additional information. We look forward to chatting with you —





EDEXIS Email Delivery with a Proof of Service

EDEXIS now offers delivery by email that includes the following features for .99 cents.

  1. Confirmation of Delivery: When your email is sent to the recipient, the status will be updated when that email is opened and viewed. In the sample below, you can see that three of the parties opened and downloaded their email. However, the fourth party, Julia Burns, refused the Mutual Party Agreement. What is a Mutual Party Agreement, you ask?

2. Automated Mutual Party Agreement: When serving legal documents, the recipient needs to agree to accept service via email from a specific sender. With every party you email, you have a choice to request an Automated Mutual Party Agreement. Once the recipient agrees to service, we then deliver the email. If the recipient refuses the service, we note that as well. If the recipient has already previously agreed to email service from you, you would simply not check the box requesting the Mutual Party Agreement. If a recipient refused delivery, you will receive an email with that notification. You can then go back to the mailing record, select the “Create Duplicate” option and serve that recipient by mail without having to recreate the packet.

3. Proof of Service: Like all of our delivery options, you can choose to include a proof of service with an email. Here is a sample of that proof of service. Once the confirmation of email receipt is received, the signed version of the proof of service is delivered to you via email (if set up) and is included with your archived document.

4. Combined Mailing Types: While the sample above shows four parties being served by email, you can select multiple mailing types. For example, if you are serving ten different parties and want two of them to receive Certified Mail, four to receive First Class, and four of them to be served via email, you can certainly do so. You would need to start the process from the “Daily Mail” option as shown below. If you want to combine email service with aggregated mail, you would need to start from the aggregated option.

5. Personal Note: When requesting delivery by email by EDEXIS, you can also include a personal note to the recipient. They will see this note before they open the email.

6. Email by Sender: There may be some instances where you want to email a document to the recipient yourself with a proof of service. You will also see that option for mailing. The proof of service notes that you are actually emailing the document, not us. There is no charge for this service and it does NOT include the features above.

As always, if you have any questions about these new features, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.


support@edexis.com, andrea@edexis.com, julia@edexis.com


New EDEXIS Mailing Interface

COMING NEXT WEEK — We will be introducing our updated mailing interface. You will access it from the Mailing Services tab in EDEXOne, but the flow will be a bit different. If you were previously using the attorneymailings.com site, you will be automatically redirected. Additionally, there will be new features included:

  • Email by EDEXIS. A few months ago we added the ability for YOU to generate a Proof of Service indicating that you were going to send service by email. Now, we also have the choice to have US email the document for you. The Proof of Service reflects this service. When we email a document on your behalf, the interface will note when the recipient has opened the email. Email delivery requires that the recipient agree to being served by that process. If you choose, our interface can now electronically confirm that the recipient accepts electronic service BEFORE we attempt to serve them – $0.99
  • Document Dividers. When a document is assembled for mailing, we can now insert a green separator sheet between each individual document. $1.25
  • Checks. Coming Soon — opt to include a check with a mailing – $1.25

We will still have all of the other services you have come to expect:

  • First Class, Certified, and Priority Mail (with automated status updates in your account)
  • Daily mail service sent out M-F at 1:00. If your mail is submitted before 1:00 it will go out the same day
  • Optional proof of service – FREE
  • Email service by user – FREE
  • Envelope Tagline – FREE
  • Your logo on the envelope – FREE
  • Mailing certification – FREE
  • Automated refund of Certified and Priority Mail if not delivered within 35 days – FREE
  • Return Envelope (with or without postage) – $1.25
  • Single-sided or double-sided printing.
  • Casefriend and Clio integration
  • The same affordable pricing. Aggregated mail starts at .99 up to 8 pages – $0.07 per page after. Daily mail (under 1oz) starts at $2.58

If you would like to schedule an online training of the new mailing interface, please don’t hesitate to let us know. As always, unlimited training is available for your account at no charge.

We appreciate your business and look forward to sharing these improvements.

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.





How (and why) to Flatten PDF Forms

When using a PDF FILLABLE form, the user must lock or “flatten” the PDF document after completing the form fields to ensure the document can be viewed on all devices and to prevent other users from manipulating or editing the information. Flattening is also recommended when you add an electronic signature to a PDF document. This adheres the signature to the document so that the signature doesn’t move or accidentally get deleted.

When submitting a document electronically via EDEXOne for mailing or filing, our system will flatten a document for you. However, flattening your document prior to any type of upload will ensure an added level of security and accuracy.

Follow the steps below to flatten a completed form.

  1. Right click on document and select Print or select File and select Print.
  2. Select the PDF PRINTER option.
  3. Select OK.
  4. Specify location to save the flattened version of the form.
  5. Select Save.

EDEXIS Reports for Easy Data Management

Data can often feel overwhelming, especially when trying to manage it one record at a time. EDEXIS offers numerous reports that allow you to quickly review your critical data all in one place.

From the Reports option, you will find a drop down list for reports that can be created on the fly. The completed requests will populate to your DocBox and will open as a CSV file.

Different reports may be of interest to different departments in your company. Thus, even if your accounting department doesn’t use your EDEXIS account, they may benefit from having a login that will allow them to review reports and pay invoices online.

Many of our reports are also available through an automated request. This allows you to choose how often and when you want to receive a certain report. That report is then automatically generated and emailed to you at no charge. To arrange an automated report, please contact customer service.

Reports applicable to all users:

  • Invoice Details Report: See every transaction that generated a charge, the associated cost and the user that generated that transaction.
  • Mailing History Report: Lists every document mailed via your account.
  • Print and Delivery Certification: See the delivery status of every document we mailed on your behalf.

The following reports are applicable to California’s Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board data and electronic filing of documents into the DWC’s case management system — EAMS.

  • Filing History Report: Shows every document you filed into EAMS.
  • Calendar Report by Hearing Date or Delivery Date
  • Case Opening Alert Report: If you are tracking social security or ERN numbers, this report will show you any cases that opened as a result of that tracking.
  • Casewatch Report: See every case that you are tracking to receive hearings, events, and case party updates.
  • Settlement Plus Report: A favorite of many of our lien claimant users. A settlement plus report allows you to quickly identify completed activity on a case including the filing of liens, DOR’s, closing orders, and upcoming hearings. Casewatches must be on file to populate this report.
  • Lien Payment Report: If accounting wants to audit the $150 lien filing payments, this is a great tool.
  • Liens vs. Casewatches: Quickly compare documents you have filed to Casewatches to ensure you are tracking all important ADJ cases.
  • WCAB Inquiry Report: Review all search results.

Not every user will use every report, but there is a bit of something for everyone. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to let us know!!

We appreciate your business!







FREE! Add Your Logo to Your Mailings

When you mail a document via our EDEX Mailing services, we can include your black and white logo on the outgoing envelope at no charge. Service available for first class, certified, and some aggregate mailing.

Simply email your logo to andrea@edexis.com or Julia@edexis.com and we will add your logo to your account.

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.




Workcompcentral is Discontinuing their EDEX and Filing Services!

As you probably already know, WorkCompCentral is no longer offering EDEX data and EAMS filing services. EDEX Information Systems, Inc. (EDEXIS) has partnered with WorkCompCentral to ensure a quick, easy, affordable alternative option. This includes:

  • Same day set-up
  • Waiver of monthly charges through January 1, 2023
  • EDEXIS will honor any remaining credits towards EDEXIS transactions that were purchased with WCC (cannot be used towards mailing).
  • Transition of any cases being tracked via WCC at no charge.
  • Monthly invoicing. (We do not provide pre-purchased credits).
  • Unlimited users at no additional cost (users can simultaneously file into EAMS)

MAIL services:

  • Mail any document within the US First Class, Certified, Certified Return Receipt, or Priority mail.
  • All mail submitted before 1:00 goes out the same business day.
  • Aggregated mail is sent on Wednesdays and Fridays at discounted rates.
  • All mail, even first class, is trackable.
  • Status of mail is reported and monitored via our interface.
  • Mailing services available with no contract and immediate sign up with pay as you go. (Billing requires a contract).
  • Your company logo can be printed on the envelopes we mail for you.
  • $4.00 credit available to any new account to try a free mailing.
  • Self addressed, stamped envelopes can be included.
  • Proof of service is optional and can include mail and/or email service.

EDEX services:

  • SSN, ERN, and ADJ Searches
  • SSN, ERN, and ADJ Tracking (Cases tracked include any pre-calendared hearings)
  • Automated calendar with export features
  • Case Party Updates — notices are generated when any party is added, removed, or changes. The changes are highlighted and tracked so that you can quickly identify the change.
  • Batch uploads at discounted pricing
  • Robust reporting features

EAMS services:

  • Filing of EAMS docs including: C&R, Lien, Stip, DOR, Application,Unstructured, and Custom Templates.
  • Mailing of party documents with or without a proof of service.
  • Proof of service legally accommodates email service by client .
  • FileNet connection with an EAMS external user login. This allows you to view and download DWC case documents if you are a party to the case.
  • Archived documents at no charge.
  • Automatic population of most form data.


  • EDEXIS connects, via API, to both Casefriend and Clio
  • Unlimited customer support. No phone trees!!
  • EAMS data clean up

To learn more about EDEXIS, please feel free to visit our Blog and our Website, or give us a call at 866-GET-EDEX or 209-223-3461. You can also email us at andrea@edexis.com, julia@edexis.com, or support@edexis.com.


NEW! Party Service by Email!

and…Is your Proof of Service legal?

When mailing or filing a document through EDEXIS, you can now choose to have us serve some parties via mail while you serve other parties via email. The new Proof of Service will legally accommodate both our mailing AND your email.

For each party you choose or enter, you will see the Email Option at the bottom of the delivery type list as shown below…

The following page will prompt you for the email proof of service information….

While other mailing providers may say that they have this option available, their proof of service may not indicate that YOU are actually doing the emailing. They often group the email service in with the mailing service and then attest that THEY are serving all of the parties — even when YOU are serving the emailed recipients. This creates a very inaccurate proof of service.

Just a reminder that only recipients that have agreed to receive their documents via email from a specific sender can be served via email.

While considering the legality of a proof of service, it is also worth noting that a POS should NOT be signed when it is mailed. Ours are not. AFTER we serve a document on your behalf, we can then attest that the service happened and we update the proof of service in your account to reflect that.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit a few of these sites:

If you have chosen to both mail and email parties, the proof of service will be a two page document. The first page will contain the details for the documents being mailed and the second page will contain the details for the documents being delivered electronically.

If you have any questions about this, or other features, please don’t hesitate to call us at 209-223-3461 or 866-GET-EDEX. You can also email andrea@edexis.com or julia@edexis.com.

Thank you!

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.


Recovering Lost Work Comp Data and Files

If anything defines the California Workers’ Compensation industry, it is change. Rules, regulations, legislation, EAMS, and a pandemic have all affected California work comp over the years. It is not only difficult to keep track of the changes, but also to keep track of how your data and files are impacted by these changes. Add in employee turnover, internal technology changes, changes in collection companies and hearing reps and you may find that tracking down those elusive work comp files can seem impossible.

While sometimes difficult, it isn’t impossible.

  • Have you lost track of your lien confirmation payment ID’s? Even if you didn’t file your liens through us, we can populate your account with ALL of your previous confirmation ID’s. These ID’s then automatically populate your future DOR filings.
  • Have you hired a collection company in the past and have no idea what they actually filed or didn’t? We can tell you AND usually get you copies of past filings. As a side note, your EDEXIS account allows unlimited users that can file documents simultaneously in EAMS. This will allow you to give multiple collection companies and users access to your account. It also ensures that all of your data is in one cohesive location.
  • As an employer, TPA, or law firm, do you have a current list of all of your work comp cases? If not, we can compile that list for you.

It may seem complicated to have multiple entites utilizing one account. With EDEXIS it is easy:

  • Unlimited users at no extra charge that can all file into EAMS simulteanously.
  • Data identified and presented by unique user login.
  • Reporting that details each users activity and expenses.
  • Unlimited, free training to help you manage your account.

If you need assistance in organizing your work comp filings and data, give us a call. We would be happy to help.




EDEX Information Systems, Inc.


Mailing Security and Integrity

Whether EDEXIS is printing and mailing your party documents for an EAMS electronic filing or mailing general documents with or without a proof of service, we pride ourselves on the security and integrity of that mailing.

Our security measures are often the reason that clients choose our services over other vendors. A few important features include:

  • In House Production: All document printing and mail production is done on-site in our secure corporate facilities. No third-party vendors or outsourced production is used. Every document mailing is printed and handled exclusively by EDEX Information System’s employees until physically delivered to our local U.S. Postal Service facility with which we share a long-term, very professional relationship.
  • Barcode Tracking: All mailings we produce include embedded 2-D tracking barcodes which are computer-scanned at various phases of production and assembly. Missing or damaged documents are reprinted, and every document is tracked from production through final delivery to a U.S. Postal Service facility.
  • Certified Automation and Confirmation: We are Certified for Automation and Confirmation via the USPS automated guidelines. That means that every piece of mail we send is processed via the USPS’s automated processing and tracking technology. This is how we are able to track and confirm our mailing services so efficiently.

We are also happy to announce that EDEX Mailing Services are now integrated with Casefriend and Clio case management systems.

To learn more about our mailing services, or to try a free demo account, please contact customer support.






EDEXIS Mail Services

Dump your po$tage meter and mail remotely for less!

If you are feeling buried by your outgoing mail, or even if you want to improve efficiency and allow your staff to more easily mail out documents both in house and remotely, EDEXIS mailing services can help. Simply upload the document you want to mail, and we take care of the rest.

  • Mail a document to any recipient within the United States
  • Mail a document in conjunction with an electronically filed California work comp EAMS document
  • Ideal for real estate, billing, trust, and family law documents — to name a few.
  • Proof of Service optional with each mailing.
  • Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes can also be included

For those already using our mailing services, mailing a document looks a little different these days. There is now a stand-alone tab in the left hand menu that says, “Mailing Services”.

From Mailing Services you can upload any document (work comp or not) using one of our existing templates or using a FREE personal template. Universal and Personal Templates are documents that automatically populate standard fields. If you are a California work comp professional, documents can be associated with a WCAB case number and will automatically populate the case information (including address records and companion case data) or you can choose to manually enter data for non WCAB mailings. (API integration and/or a linked address book are also options for data population).

Once you have mailed a document, you can monitor that document via the “Manage Filing” button:

Manage Filings allows you to review past documents that are archived indefinitely, review the parties that were chosen for receipt, review the activity log that reports delivery status, recreate the mailing and possibly send to other parties, or generate a Certificate of Mailing that creates a report of receipt status:

On the sample above, you can see that some of the mailings were sent with tracking numbers — Certified Mail or Priority Mail. However, the rest were simply mailed First Class. Even First Class reports the status of delivery. That first listing was actually returned as unclaimed. The last listing reports its delivery in Pomona. While scanning of standard First Class is more limited, it easily proves (at the minimum) that mail was entered into the mail stream and sent. When mail is sent Certified or Priority Mail, the signature receipt is also included with the Certification.

As shown below, we can print your logo with your return address and you can add a “Tag Line” on each individual mailing. These are particularly helpful if you are mailing to prisons and need to indicate “Legal Documents Enclosed” or if you want to highlight a “Personal Mail” item.

If you would like to try our mailing services, you can sign up for an immediate account that bills each of your transactions to your credit card. If you would like mailing services + work comp filing and work comp case tracking and searches, you can choose the full suite of services with a contract.

If you have any additional questions or would like to arrange a demo, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.






A Laundry List of EDEXIS Resources

We thought we would take some time this week to provide some resources and updates that we find particularly helpful when it comes to mailing documents, electronically filing documents in EAMS, and providing answers to your most frequent questions.

FILING: As many of you have likely noticed, the upload page for Unstructured documents has had some improvements. You can now search for document titles by key words vs. looking up titles alphabetically. AND your Universal and Personal Templates are now easier to access.

MAILING: When mailing documents via your EDEXIS account, our standard first class mailing now provides further information about delivery status at no additional cost. We have integrated additional USPS automation that will continue to provide faster, more accurate updates as your mail travels to its destination. We also have a mailing certification report that will be added to your accounts soon and will be capturing Certified Mail signatures for easy viewing.

TRIAL EXHIBITS: We continue to get a lot of questions about submitting trial exhibits to EAMS. It is important to remember that there is no document title called “Trial Exhibit”. Each document you submit needs to have its own document title and be uploaded individually. For example (as shown below), if you were submitting a medical document, you might search the document titles list by “Medical” to see all titles that are available.

BLOG: In addition to our Trial Exhibit blog, our blog page contains past information about Companion Case Liens, Filing Functionality, IBR & SBR, Claim Number Discovery, Address Updates, Mailing Services, Post-Offer Pre-Employment, and DWC Updates.

WALK THRU DOCUMENTS: Another question that we hear often is how to walk through documents at the DWC. The best resource for that information is this DWC Newsline and the included links:

Last, but certainly not least, please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!

Andrea Macon





New: Companion Case Liens

Repetitive work is often frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. Until now, that has certainly been true of filing companion case liens. Because the DWC doesn’t allow the filing of liens on companion cases, each lien had to be filed one at a time.

That is no longer true with EDEXOne. While your liens are still filed individually in the background to accommodate DWC limitations, the EDEXOne interface allows you to submit all of your liens for one injured worker at one time. Our smart automation handles the rest. This includes recognizing that the $150 filing fee is only charged on the first non-exempt lien, but not on the additional liens.

When companion cases are selected with any filing, the address record for each case is automatically included when you choose the parties to serve. This ensures that you are serving everyone necessary at one time. This is a huge cost and time saver.

This feature does only apply to liens that are filed with the same supporting documentation.

If you are still using our older software version and haven’t upgraded to EDEXOne yet, you will not have access to Companion Case Lien Filing. There are many other upgrades that are not available in our older platform as well — this is a great time to upgrade. There’s no additional cost required.

As with all of our services, if you would like a guided tour or additional help when you file your first companion case lien, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




andrea@edexis.com or julia@edexis.com


Get Familiar with Filing Functions for Fun and Flexibility?

Yes, that’s a lame alliteration, but your “Manage Filings” feature has all sorts of very not-lame functionality that is worth familiarizing yourself with. (I do realize that I am probably dating myself by referencing Gumby). Here is a quick guide to get you started:

Once you file or mail a document in EDEXOne you will see the “Manage Filings” drop down menu on the right side of the page:

You will notice that the last option is “Create Duplicate”. This is a new feature that will appear on a document that was mailed (but not filed into EAMS). “Create Duplicate” allows you to resend the same document to the same or different parties without having to upload the document again. You can add an additional document as well. If you need to resend billing documents or any other document, this is a great shortcut. This is also a quick option if you want to send some of your parties Certified Mail, but others first class.

The first option listed is “Documents”. As the image above shows, this is simply where you go to print any past documents that were mailed or filed. Your documents are archived to your account at no additional cost. Simply click on the link and your documents open as a PDF.

Select “Parties” and view everyone that was served a copy of the document WITH any tracking numbers. As the above image indicates for the first recipient, you can see that the Post Office received the document and reported the scan for a first class mail piece. The second party shows the tracking number for a Certified Mail item. By clicking on the tracking number you are taken directly to the USPS tracking page for this mailing.

Select “Activity” and view the filing and mailing log as shown above. This page will also report any filing or delivery errors. Filing error notices are rare, but when they happen customer support is notified for follow-up and in most instances the user will also receive an emailed notification. If the error is relative to a credit card failing for a lien filing, the email notice includes a link to allow a quick refiling with a new credit card addition.

If any of your documents being served on other parties are undeliverable, as shown above, you will also receive a notification.

Although not shown on the graphics above, when you select the “Manage Filings” button on a previously filed lien, you will also see an “Amend Lien” option. While lien amendments cannot be filed electronically to EAMS, they can be mailed to the other parties. The “Amend Lien” option automatically pulls your previous filing and updates it with the information you enter so that you can quickly send the new version to the recipients.

So, I don’t know that I would categorize all these as Fun but I guess they are pretty Flexible. Perhaps even Gumby worthy.

Andrea Macon

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.




Independent Bill Review (IBR), Second Bill Review (SBR) and Lien Filing: Flowcharts and Forms

The flowchart below can help you decide between filing for Independent Bill Review (IBR) and/or filing a lien. Additionally, if you need to submit a request for Second Bill Review (SBR), that document can be automatically populated and mailed via your EDEX account from Form Templates:


Tired of Hunting for Claim Numbers? (plus a few other quick tips)

Do you need the insurance claim number for your ADJ case management? There is a quick way to request that number via EDEX.

When you select a mailed document (not filed into EAMS), you have access to numerous template documents as shown below:

The Request for Insurance Claim Number template will allow you to quickly create and mail a letter to the insurance company requesting a claim number.

The letter will direct the recipient to a website that allows the adjuster to enter the claim number. That claim number will then be automatically captured for your receipt.

The insurance company will be directed here to enter the claim information:

A few other quick tips…

  • When filing documents electronically through EDEX do NOT include Cover Sheets and Separator Sheets. We see this frequently when filers are submitting trial exhibits.
  • Unlimited training is available with every EDEX account. If you would like to arrange an online training, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
  • When a Casewatch is filed in EDEX, it automatically generates FUTURE hearing notices but also future event notices and case party updates. A case party update lets you know when any party on the address record has been updated, added, or removed.
  • It is possible to track an injured worker’s social security number and/or ERN number. Future cases that open for that injured worker will automatically trigger a notice to your account.
  • If you filed past liens outside of our system, we can request a list of all of your past $150 lien filing confirmation numbers, and populate your account with those numbers. Any DOR filed with us will then automatically include that confirmation number.

Let us know how we can help you!

EDEX Information Systems, Inc.




Cleaning House in EAMS

We’ve all heard, “garbage in – garbage out” and it is certainly applicable to work comp data! One data element that can easily be cleaned up in EAMS is your address. However there is more to understanding this process than meets the eye.

Most work comp participants are familiar with the UAN (Uniform Assigned Name) that is defined and assigned by the DWC. For example, here are a few UAN’s assigned to SCIF:

If SCIF wanted to change their address for their Bakersfield office, they would very likely simply request that update for their UAN address. The problem is, SCIF, and almost all other work comp case parties, have multiple other addresses for that same entity that also need to be updated, or at least reviewed. Small doctor’s offices and law offices might only have 10 or 20 other listings, while larger offices might have several hundred.

Why do parties have all these different listings?

Each separate listing can be considered a folder. In each folder is at least one case, sometimes 20, sometimes hundreds. When an ADJ case is opened and a party is listed on that case, HOW they are listed can trigger a new FOLDER that contains that ADJ number. Ideally, all entities are listed with their UAN which avoids triggering new folders opening and puts all of their cases in one folder together. However, if a party is listed with a different naming convention, say with an extra space, or a different address, or “Lane” instead of “Ln” a new folder will open and create a new listing that may need its address updated in the future. While UAN’s have fixed much of this problem with current filings, old filings were not restricted by UAN’s.

If one of the myriad, non-UAN, addresses isn’t updated, any cases associated with that folder will have the wrong address listed on the party record. When other parties mail documents to that address for service, those documents may not be delivered.

Additionally, if you are an eFiler and have an EAMS account, you will ideally want to be able to view EVERY case where you are a party. If one of those cases happens to be under a different address and/or name variation it may not be connected to your EAMS account.

We can fix this for you as part of our address update services and EAMS case linking follow-up. There is no charge for this service. We simply provide it to ensure that the DWC’s data, and thus, our data, is as accurate as possible. If you would like to take advantage of a data review, please email a request to andrea@edexis.com. In your email, include:

  • Your current physical address
  • Your current mailing address
  • Any names and aliases. For example, a law firm name with the individual attorney names or a doctor’s name with the practice name. Ideally, a middle initial should be included for any individuals.
  • Contact information for your EAMS Administrator if applicable.
  • If you know you need an address update, you can simply submit the request found here:

Lastly, you may also want to mail the change of address notices to the parties on each WCAB case that you are involved with. We can do this for you with a batch mailing.

For a clean sweep or any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

andrea@edexis.com or 209-223-3461


Filing Trial Exhibits in EAMS

The WCAB has implemented many changes to accommodate Covid restrictions. One of those is that trial exhibits must be filed electronically — either via JetFile or eFile. There are two issues to consider when filing your trial exhibits:

  • The requirements of the judge and court.
  • The programmatic limitations of electronic filing.

Below, we have outlined feedback from judges AND have provided filing instructions to meet both the judges’ requirements and programming guidelines. Please note that it is common for different judges to have different requirements. If you encounter other requests from judges, please let us know.


  • When electronically filing ANY document via EDEX, do NOT include cover sheets and separator sheets.
  • Select “Unstructured” documents to access the list of EAMS document titles to choose from.
  • There is no document title called “Trial Exhibits”. Each document needs to be titled individually per its actual title.


The Hard Way or the EDEX Way:

Notices of Representation & Substitutions of Attorney

When you look up the EAMS directions for filing a Notice of Representation or Substitution of Attorney, you will find SEVEN pages of instruction.

When you want to file these documents via EDEX, much of that process is automated.

  • Send us your NOR or Substitution document to be built into your account as an automatically populated template.
  • Decide if you want us to batch file your documents from a spreadsheet of cases or if you want to file them into EAMS one at a time via the interface.
  • Regardless if your documents are filed via a batch or individually, we can serve the other parties for you.
  • Wait at least ten days and then request our automated confirmation report. The report is automatically formatted to meet the seven pages of EAMS directions and will list any ADJ’s that have not been updated yet. This report can then easily be forwarded per DWC requirements.

For more information call 209-223-3461 or email Andrea@edexis.com


10% of Job Applicants Have Past, Litigated Work Comp Injuries

If you are an employer, your hiring process can include a background search of an applicant’s past, litigated work comp injuries. While the average demographic of these injuries is 10%, some industries are much higher.

Additionally, EDEX provides automated alerts when a new case opens for an employee and the ability to track that case for future hearings, events, and party updates. This is time saving data for your risk management department.

To learn more about using EDEX data for human resources and risk management, please click below to read our white paper and see a sample search.


What did you mail last week?

I mailed:

  • a few collection letters via Certified Return Receipt with a Proof of Service,
  • a few address update reminders via First Class mail,
  • a bunch of invoices via First Class Mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope included.


Did you have to go to the post office?

I didn’t. I also didn’t have to…

  • wait in line,
  • leave my home office,
  • print my documents,
  • stuff the documents in envelopes,
  • or apply postage.


EDEX did all of this for me, plus…

  • automatically included a proof of service,
  • included a self-addressed, stamped envelope at my request,
  • printed a tagline on the outside of my envelope to catch the recipient’s attention,
  • printed my logo on the outside of the envelope,
  • then they archived my document for easy future access.


EDEX doesn’t just do this for me because I work for them, they can do this for you too. Simply upload your document via EDEXOne and EDEX will mail that document for you anywhere in the United States.

If you already have an account, you already have access to this feature. If you don’t have an account, you can get a pay-as-you-go mailing only account or a full suite of EDEX services.


EDEX Frosting

A few of the good things that make EDEX even better — Now including automated Second Bill Review!

There’s the cake of EDEX — things like electronic filing, party delivery, and case tracking — and then there’s the frosting. These are the EDEX add-ons that are great shortcuts and time savers. And what’s a cake without frosting??

  • Automated Second Bill Review: See the directions to automatically create a Second Bill Review.
  • FileNet: View all of the EAMS documents for any case in your EDEXOne account.
  • Reports: We have a long list of reports available on demand. An easy way to receive a summary of your filing, your lien filing fee payments, and your hearings or events to name a few. Reports can also be automated for pre-defined delivery times via email.
  • NOR Report: If you file your Notice of Representation through EDEXOne, an NOR report will track the follow-up at the DWC. If they have not added a representative after ten days, the NOR report can be forwarded to the DWC for follow-up. No need to check cases daily to ensure a rep is added.
  • Payment Online: Your accounting department can pay online with their own login.
  • Address Book: From an Excel spreadsheet, we can store mailing addresses that you commonly use.
  • Clio: Are you an attorney using Clio case management software? If so, our EDEXOne application now integrates with Clio!
  • Signature Capture: Add a signature to each account to automatically populate appropriate forms. Simply request a signature capture form and we will send you an email.

And….something fantastic that we are whipping up in the programming kitchen —

  • Automated management of the hearing notices and emails that you receive from the DWC. If you are currently receiving these documents via the mail, we can convert these to email and automate this process for you. No more opening envelopes, reading documents, and comparing that information to your calendar or file data. If you are currently receiving this information via email, you are one step ahead and can get started even sooner. There is a little bit of set-up involved in this process so I would encourage you to call us now if you are interested.

How To: Second Bill Review

After selecting CREATE FILING you will need to select the appropriate form type. If an ADJ case number already exists, select MAIL ONLY CASE RELATED PARTIES as shown below. If no ADJ exists, select MAIL ONLY NON CASE RELATED. The first option will automatically populate all existing case data.

At the ATTACH DOCUMENTS page, choose FORM TEMPLATE and then SECOND BILL REVIEW. Follow the prompts, select the party for service and submit!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily guide you through a mailing and/or filing.