Cleaning House in EAMS

We’ve all heard, “garbage in – garbage out” and it is certainly applicable to work comp data! One data element that can easily be cleaned up in EAMS is your address. However there is more to understanding this process than meets the eye.

Most work comp participants are familiar with the UAN (Uniform Assigned Name) that is defined and assigned by the DWC. For example, here are a few UAN’s assigned to SCIF:

If SCIF wanted to change their address for their Bakersfield office, they would very likely simply request that update for their UAN address. The problem is, SCIF, and almost all other work comp case parties, have multiple other addresses for that same entity that also need to be updated, or at least reviewed. Small doctor’s offices and law offices might only have 10 or 20 other listings, while larger offices might have several hundred.

Why do parties have all these different listings?

Each separate listing can be considered a folder. In each folder is at least one case, sometimes 20, sometimes hundreds. When an ADJ case is opened and a party is listed on that case, HOW they are listed can trigger a new FOLDER that contains that ADJ number. Ideally, all entities are listed with their UAN which avoids triggering new folders opening and puts all of their cases in one folder together. However, if a party is listed with a different naming convention, say with an extra space, or a different address, or “Lane” instead of “Ln” a new folder will open and create a new listing that may need its address updated in the future. While UAN’s have fixed much of this problem with current filings, old filings were not restricted by UAN’s.

If one of the myriad, non-UAN, addresses isn’t updated, any cases associated with that folder will have the wrong address listed on the party record. When other parties mail documents to that address for service, those documents may not be delivered.

Additionally, if you are an eFiler and have an EAMS account, you will ideally want to be able to view EVERY case where you are a party. If one of those cases happens to be under a different address and/or name variation is may not be connected to your EAMS account.

We can fix this for you as part of our address update services and EAMS case linking follow-up. There is no charge for this service. We simply provide it to ensure that the DWC’s data, and thus, our data, is as accurate as possible. If you would like to take advantage of a data review, please email a request to andrea@edexis.com. In your email, include:

  • Your current physical address
  • Your current mailing address
  • Any names and aliases. For example, a law firm name with the individual attorney names or a doctor’s name with the practice name. Ideally, a middle initial should be included for any individuals.
  • Contact information for your EAMS Administrator if applicable.
  • If you know you need an address update, you can simply submit the request found here:

For a clean sweep or any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

andrea@edexis.com or 209-223-3461


Filing Trial Exhibits in EAMS

The WCAB has implemented many changes to accommodate Covid restrictions. One of those is that trial exhibits must be filed electronically — either via JetFile or eFile. There are two issues to consider when filing your trial exhibits:

  • The requirements of the judge and court.
  • The programmatic limitations of electronic filing.

Below, we have outlined feedback from judges AND have provided filing instructions to meet both the judges’ requirements and programming guidelines. Please note that it is common for different judges to have different requirements. If you encounter other requests from judges, please let us know.


The Hard Way or the EDEX Way:

Notices of Representation & Substitutions of Attorney

When you look up the EAMS directions for filing a Notice of Representation or Substitution of Attorney, you will find SEVEN pages of instruction.

When you want to file these documents via EDEX, much of that process is automated.

  • Send us your NOR or Substitution document to be built into your account as an automatically populated template.
  • Decide if you want us to batch file your documents from a spreadsheet of cases or if you want to file them into EAMS one at a time via the interface.
  • Regardless if your documents are filed via a batch or individually, we can serve the other parties for you.
  • Wait at least ten days and then request our automated confirmation report. The report is automatically formatted to meet the seven pages of EAMS directions and will list any ADJ’s that have not been updated yet. This report can then easily be forwarded per DWC requirements.

For more information call 209-223-3461 or email Andrea@edexis.com


10% of Job Applicants Have Past, Litigated Work Comp Injuries

If you are an employer, your hiring process can include a background search of an applicant’s past, litigated work comp injuries. While the average demographic of these injuries is 10%, some industries are much higher.

Additionally, EDEX provides automated alerts when a new case opens for an employee and the ability to track that case for future hearings, events, and party updates. This is time saving data for your risk management department.

To learn more about using EDEX data for human resources and risk management, please click below to read our white paper and see a sample search.


What did you mail last week?

I mailed:

  • a few collection letters via Certified Return Receipt with a Proof of Service,
  • a few address update reminders via First Class mail,
  • a bunch of invoices via First Class Mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope included.


Did you have to go to the post office?

I didn’t. I also didn’t have to…

  • wait in line,
  • leave my home office,
  • print my documents,
  • stuff the documents in envelopes,
  • or apply postage.


EDEX did all of this for me, plus…

  • automatically included a proof of service,
  • included a self-addressed, stamped envelope at my request,
  • printed a tagline on the outside of my envelope to catch the recipient’s attention,
  • printed my logo on the outside of the envelope,
  • then they archived my document for easy future access.


EDEX doesn’t just do this for me because I work for them, they can do this for you too. Simply upload your document via EDEXOne and EDEX will mail that document for you anywhere in the United States.

If you already have an account, you already have access to this feature. If you don’t have an account, you can get a pay-as-you-go mailing only account or a full suite of EDEX services.


EDEX Frosting…

A few of the good things that make EDEX even better — Now including automated Second Bill Review!

There’s the cake of EDEX — things like electronic filing, party delivery, and case tracking — and then there’s the frosting. These are the EDEX add-ons that are great shortcuts and time savers. And what’s a cake without frosting??

  • Automated Second Bill Review: See the directions to automatically create a Second Bill Review.
  • FileNet: View all of the EAMS documents for any case in your EDEXOne account.
  • Reports: We have a long list of reports available on demand. An easy way to receive a summary of your filing, your lien filing fee payments, and your hearings or events to name a few. Reports can also be automated for pre-defined delivery times via email.
  • NOR Report: If you file your Notice of Representation through EDEXOne, an NOR report will track the follow-up at the DWC. If they have not added a representative after ten days, the NOR report can be forwarded to the DWC for follow-up. No need to check cases daily to ensure a rep is added.
  • Payment Online: Your accounting department can pay online with their own login.
  • Address Book: From an Excel spreadsheet, we can store mailing addresses that you commonly use.
  • Clio: Are you an attorney using Clio case management software? If so, our EDEXOne application now integrates with Clio!
  • Signature Capture: Add a signature to each account to automatically populate appropriate forms. Simply request a signature capture form and we will send you an email.

And….something fantastic that we are whipping up in the programming kitchen —

  • Automated management of the hearing notices and emails that you receive from the DWC. If you are currently receiving these documents via the mail, we can convert these to email and automate this process for you. No more opening envelopes, reading documents, and comparing that information to your calendar or file data. If you are currently receiving this information via email, you are one step ahead and can get started even sooner. There is a little bit of set-up involved in this process so I would encourage you to call us now if you are interested.

How To: Second Bill Review

After selecting CREATE FILING you will need to select the appropriate form type. If an ADJ case number already exists, select MAIL ONLY CASE RELATED PARTIES as shown below. If no ADJ exists, select MAIL ONLY NON CASE RELATED. The first option will automatically populate all existing case data.

At the ATTACH DOCUMENTS page, choose FORM TEMPLATE and then SECOND BILL REVIEW. Follow the prompts, select the party for service and submit!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily guide you through a mailing and/or filing.



DWC Advises of Delayed Processing Times

The DWC is encouraging everyone to file their documents into EAMS electronically instead of mailing them. EDEX can have you filing in one day with JetFiling. Additionally, EDEX can serve the parties for you, build your existing forms into your filing account, and archive your filing documents. All for .99 per electronic filing and .99 per party for delivery (.06 per page after 8 pages).

Ideally, while you immediately begin filing electronically with EDEX, and benefitting from our easy filing interface, you can apply for your EAMS external user account. It can take 5 to 10 weeks to receive your EAMS log in and requires a 3 hour online training, but having EAMS access allows you to look up case documents. Thus we encourage you to utilize both systems in order to make electronic filing as easy as possible.

To get started, simply email or call our office!




Work Smarter (and faster)!

Many aspects of our jobs can be repetitive tasks – doing the same thing – over, and over, and over again.  The positive side of repetitive activity is that these tasks are usually the easiest to automate.  

Managing your California, litigated work comp data is no different.  

Are you doing any of these repetitive tasks?

  • Searching for ADJ case numbers by manually entering injured worker names, date of birth, or social security numbers?
  • Checking ADJ cases for upcoming hearing notices or past activity to recognize closing orders?
  • Re-checking for ADJ cases that you are waiting to open?
  • Filing Notices of Representation one at a time? Looking those cases up individually to confirm that you have been added to the case?
  • Filing Lien Withdrawals, Changes of Address, DOR’s, 4903.8(d) declarations one at a time?
  • Populating forms with ADJ case data over and over again?

All of these transactions, and others, can be done via automation and batch processing – usually from data exported from your case management system or from DWC data.

Call our customer support staff at 209-223-3461 and let us help streamline your workflow and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

DWC Mandated Electronic Filing

Per the DWC’s May 28, 2020 Newsline, the “DWC will not accept walk-in filings, walk-through documents, or in-person requests at this time. DWC will only accept electronic filing via EAMS and JET File, and paper filing by U.S. mail.”

Now that the DWC is requiring that most documents be filed electronically into EAMS, there has been a scramble for manual filers to start filing electronically. While those choosing to JetFile can normally be up and filing the same day with the EDEXOne platform, those choosing to E-File with the DWC must wait for the next EAMS training (one every 5 weeks), attend a 3 hour, online training, and then navigate the steep E-filing learning curve.

Additional advantages of JetFiling vs. E-Filing include:

Unlimited UsersYesNo
Simultaneous FilingYesNo
Same/Next Day Set UpYesNo
Unlimited, Immediate TrainingYesNo
Automated Data PopulationYesNo
Notification of Failed FilingsYesNo
Firefox, Chrome, Safari CompatibleYesNo
Case Document ViewingYesYes
DOR Date RequestNoYes
Leave a Filing and Finish LaterYesNo
Automated Proof of ServiceYesNo
NOR Party List Follow UpYesNo
Lien Payment Confirmation Number StorageYesNo
Archived DocumentsYesNo
Documents Delivered to Other PartiesYesNo
Auto-Populated Custom TemplatesYesNo
Batch FilingYesNo
Mailing (First Class, Certified, Priority, SASE)YesNo
Automated Hearing CalendarYesNo
Case DiscoveryYesYes
Easy, Intuitive InterfaceYesNo
Lien Filing Fee Report for Payment AuditYesNo
Case Opening NotificationYesNo
New and Updated Party AlertsYesNo
DWC Data Management
– Address Updates
– Data Compilation From Various UAN’s/ERN’s
Cost: (99¢ Filing and 99¢ Party Delivery)AffordableFree